CarGlass  San Francisco, CA

1,400 sq. ft. / Podcast Developer / Headquarters

Design: DWA

Project Management: DWA

General Contractor: Principal Builders

This San Francisco startup created an app for curated digital podcasts, OttoRadio, and came to DWA for the design of their first real office. CarGlass asked for a design to reflect their startup origins, capture branding, and make these statements with the furnishing and finishes. We selected sit-stand hickory-top desks from San Francisco’s OHIO furniture for warmth and paired them with classic Aeron task and Eames shell chairs placed over playful hexagon tonal gray carpet tiles. Sleek black finishes on the table bases, seating, window frames, and a black chalkboard art wall provide the contrasting vibe and edge they were looking for — all on a startup's budget.